Eileen Walter

I have enjoyed fiddling, judging, teaching, performing, and playing for dances since I first heard fiddle music upon moving to Oregon in the mid 1970s and had my life changed forever. I have judged many contests in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Nevada.  For the past few years I have served as the director of the Oregon State Open Fiddle Contest.  I am a former Oregon State and Northwest Regional Adult and Senior Champion.  

In addition to good intonation, tone, clarity, rhythm, tempo, technical skill, interesting versions that are appropriate to the tune and the fiddler’s skill level, and control of the tune, I look for a musical interpretation that is able to balance and integrate drive, groove, and personality without sacrificing much else – sometimes a fine line or a delicate balance and something that shows the fiddler’s overall ability.  While it’s difficult to define, we know it when we hear it.  

Cody Stadelmaier

Cody Stadelmaier grew up in Wyoming , where she was introduced to
the violin in an elementary school orchestra program. She started
fiddling a couple years later and fell in love with fiddle tunes. Eventually
she studied with Dick and Lisa Barrett who introduced her to Texas
Style Fiddling. Over the years contests she has won include the
Wyoming State, Colorado State, Rocky Mountain Regional and Adult
Residing now in Fort Collins Colorado she is a fiddle teacher and Mom
of 2. Besides fiddling, she enjoys the outdoors hunting and fishing with
her family.  When judging Cody listens for a good groove. Intonation,creativity, musicality and tone are also important. She also likes to hear a fiddler play within their ability. 

Ricky Selman

Ricky was born in Pendleton,Oregon where he lived until age two. Ricky started his musical journey at the age of four on the Cello in Nebraska. Not long after that when he was seven he moved to Colorado. While growing up in the Denver area, at the age of eight he started fiddle with Chris Daring and competed in many fiddle contests around the Rocky mountains. He then went on to graduate from The Denver School of the Arts and then to  complete his Suzuki certification. He majored in Commercial Music at South Plains College and played Western Swing with the Dixie Dew Drops directed by Joe Carr. Moreover, he has also studied with Texas fiddle legends Dick and Lisa Barrett , Texas Shorty, Dale Morris, Jimmie Don Bates, Randy Elmore, and Wes Wesmorland III and Matthew Hartz. Ricky resides in Vancouver,WA

When judging he looks for a steady rhythm, a good demonstration of context of the tune a fiddler is playing, and mastery of the instrument.     

Scott and Anne Sumner
Our Dynamic Duo “The Power Rhythm Couple” husband and wife team Scott and Anne Sumner 

will be available to all contestants during the contest. 
Seasoned,professional and experienced, 
these two have backed up many Championship winners over the years 
and presently. Supportive and dependable always……
We are excited to have them aboard this year!

Grant "The Big Wheel" Wheeler
Andy "The Wild Man" Emert

We are happy to present our MC announcers Grant and Andy. 

Staples firmly anchored in the Northwest fiddle community, both are also Champion fiddlers in their own right.  

Clever, thoughtful and entertaining, these two are a treat to watch. Don’t  miss their performances as they also compete in the contest! 

Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association